Download latest Firmware!

Here you can download the latest firmware for F480 Tocco.
All firmware provided here is branding-free and usable for Europe (Middle and East), East-European languages are included, as well as German and English.
For updating firmware you also need the ‘Samsung MultiLoader’ (-> Tools).

F48FXEID1 (April 2009), same as F480XEID1, but Pink-Edition. Latest version with some bug fixes.

F48FXEIA3 (January 2009), changes: 3 new Widgets (AccuWeather, GoogleSearch, Get New Widgets), 2 new Menu-fonts, new selectable menu focus-color pink

Update firmware on your own risk!.

9 Responses to “Download latest Firmware!”

  1. Joao Clerigo says:

    Hi, I’ve just updated the firmware of my F480 with F48FXEID1. That is a cool update, but it does not include the Portuguese language. Anyone now where can I find it?

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    black hattitude.

  3. new moon says:

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    • Webmaster says:

      thank you :-)
      I’m using a slightly modificated WordPress template for this blog, the rest of this site is hand-programmed and designed by myself!
      I don’t have installed any speed-up plugin, just hosted it on a fast webserver :-)
      the only plugins I’ve installed are one for star-rating the posts and the “Sociable” plugin.


  4. Your blog site was tweeted by a friend yesterday evening. Figured I’d take a look. Best decision ever.

  5. Lincoln Coach says:

    Thx for information.

  6. Deep says:

    Hey!! Plz reply.. I have sgh f480 and live in india. Can i upgrade my phone with this european firmware? Only english language will work for me..

  7. deep says:

    done worked great thankss a lotttt!!!