Adjusting the touch-screen

October 5th, 2009

Enter service-mode, goto ‘Internals’ and select ‘Test cases’. Enter the ‘Test Touch Config‘ menu. You can change the following settings to improve touch-sensibility and movility:


Any options not displayed above – please leave them as they are.
In order to test the touch-screen you can enter the test mode with ‘*#0*#‘ and see how your settings work..

Download latest Firmware!

October 5th, 2009

Here you can download the latest firmware for F480 Tocco.
All firmware provided here is branding-free and usable for Europe (Middle and East), East-European languages are included, as well as German and English.
For updating firmware you also need the ‘Samsung MultiLoader’ (-> Tools).

F48FXEID1 (April 2009), same as F480XEID1, but Pink-Edition. Latest version with some bug fixes.

F48FXEIA3 (January 2009), changes: 3 new Widgets (AccuWeather, GoogleSearch, Get New Widgets), 2 new Menu-fonts, new selectable menu focus-color pink

Update firmware on your own risk!.

Changing User-Agent setting

October 5th, 2009

For all those, who have problems accessing provider-based services via WAP after updating firmware to a un-branded (newer) version:

the web-browser of your phone is identifying itself via a string, called ‘User-Agent’, looks like

SAMSUNG-SGH-F480/F480XEHJ1 SHP/VPP/R5 NetFront/3.4 Qtv5.3 SMM-MMS/1.2.0 profile/MIDP-2.0 configuration/CLDC-1.1

after updating to a newer, un-branded firmware, this string changes. Not only firmware-version, also branding-information changes. So, if your provider checks the branding of your phone, it may be that some special offers, like eg. Mobile-TV or account-based services, will not work.

Enter service-menu, go to ‘Internals’ -> ‘Protocol-Settings’ and enter ‘UAgent’.
Change first part of the string to the needed values. For example, a Vodafone-branded phone from Austria shows:

SAMSUNG-SGH-F480-Vodafone/F480AUHG2 SHP/VPP/R5 NetFront/3.4 Qtv5.3 SMM-MMS/1.2.0 profile/MIDP-2.0 configuration/CLDC-1.1

Don’t change the rest of the string! It is recommended to check the first part of the string before updating to a newer firmware. For this, enter the following URL directly in the WAP browser on your phone:
it shows the complete header information needed. After this change all services should work again!
If not, it may be useful to clear the browsers cache and reload the WAP page..

Increase bluetooth call volume

October 5th, 2009

Enter service-mode, goto ‘Internals’ -> ‘Test Mode’.
In the appearing menu select
‘[8] Audio’ -> ‘BTH Config’ -> ‘[3]Call config’ -> ‘[1]BTH Rx Call Vol’.
Now enter ‘-’ via the keypad, ‘WRITE’ must appear in top. Enter the new dB-value in the textfield in bottom via the large keypad appearing, 3-digit format.
Change the value to +5.0 dB, should be enough for every BT headset/handsfree kit.
Enter it as ‘050′, then ‘OK’ twice.
Leave the submenu with ‘#’, then leave service-mode. The change should take effect immediately!.

Install java games & apps without downloading

October 5th, 2009

First, install the TKFileExplorer (-> Tools) and connect via original Samsung datacable with your phone (PC-Studio mode).

Then navigate to the ‘/exe/java/games’ folder in the phone’s internal memory.
For each new game/app create a new subfolder and copy the .JAR and .JAD files into it.

After that, disconnect your phone and enter the Service-Menu,
goto ‘Internals’ -> ‘Storage Settings’ and select ‘Update Java DB’.
After a few seconds you should get an ‘OK’ message. Exit service-mode. Now the new installed game should appear in the ‘games’ list!

if you have problems connecting to Samsung PC Studio after using TKFileExplorer, just switch off your phone and on again..

Upload games, apps via WAP to your phone for free!

October 5th, 2009

For all users on which phones you can’t install java games and apps per transfer from PC:
on this site you can upload your java file(s) and then download it with your phone via WAP and install it: